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Hirsch How-To: Account Dashboard

Posted on 02/26/2020 at 09:44PM in Hirsch.com How-To


Account Dashboard: Access, Orders & Invoices  

How do I access My Account?

1) In the top right corner of every pageyou can login to your account.  2) Once logged in, click “My Account” to see all tools and resources, including viewing open orders, paying invoices, credit limits, saved carts, shopping lists, trip rewards and more.


Can I view my pending orders? 

Yes.  Once logged into your account, click on “Open Orders” to view your most recently placed orders.


How do I view the status of my Open Orders?

Under “Open Orders”, find the order and click “View Order”.  This will show the details of your pending order, with the option to easily “Re-order”.


Where can I access my previous orders?

In My Account Dashboard, click on “Order History to see all invoiced orders.


View the details of your invoiced orders by clicking on “View Order”


How can I view my accounting information like credit limits and open balances with Hirsch?

In My Account dashboard, click on “Account Inquiry” to view all accounting details related to your Hirsch account, as well as most recent purchase amounts, dates and totals for the month and year.


In the same "Account Inquiry” section, scroll down to see your “Open Invoices”.  


Can I pay invoices online?

Absolutely! If you’re already set up with our paperless billing then you can select the “View/Pay Invoices” tab located in your Account Dashboard in your Quick Tools. Not set up for paperless billing yet? No problem! Just email us at [email protected] and we’ll get you up and running in no time!


You can also watch our video tutorial to see an overview of everything discussed above. For our complete video tutorial playlists visit our youtube

This concludes our Hirsch.com How-To feature focus! 

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