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I am a current Hirsch Customer – How do I start searching online and see inventory and pricing? 

Fill out our current customer registration form and you’ll be approved and receive an confirmation email usually within the hour (during operating hours of M-F, 7am – 4:30 pm). 


I am NOT a current Hirsch customer.. But I’d LIKE TO BE!  

Awesome! We’d love to have you. If you're interested in opening up an account on cash or credit terms, you can download our credit app, complete and email to [email protected]. For more information about products and pricing you can contact our Inside Sales Team at [email protected] or call 800-493-7473.

You can also fill out our new customer registration form by clicking on the tab for "New Commercial Account" and fill out to have this information emailed directly to you as well.  


What kind of account information can I view online? 

With your online Hirsch account, you are able to view your open orders, order history, account balance details, view/pay invoices, submit a request for quotes, create and view shopping lists and saved carts, edit your password, shipping address and other contact information as well as be quickly and easily linked to tools such as video tutorials, trip rewards, contractor rewards and more. All of these are available to be viewed under your Account dashboard. 


What kind of product information can I find online? 

Specifications, manufacturer spec sheets, videos, etc. Learn more about how to search for product info here.


Is Hirsch hiring?!  

We post all up to date offerings and openings on our careers page:  


I have a question or concern – what do I do? 

You can either use our live chat feature on the right side of the screen (Available M-F 7:30 AM – 4:30 PM) or call/email/submit a form through our Contact Us Page: 


Q: Where can I find contact information and operating hours for your branches? 

By visiting our Locations page (, you can not only find your closest Hirsch branch based on your current zip code, you can also select any of the branches for complete contact information such as address, phone, fax, email, hours and more! 




What is the fastest way to find a product? 

We recommend using the search function.  As you type in search keywords, brand names, MPNs or even HPS quick codes, you will get a preview of popular results. You are welcome to select a product from the preview, or complete your search to see all results.  By default, products are ranked by Popularity. 


How can I narrow down my selections? 

You have several options to help locate items. 


1) Filter the results using the left margin attributes.  Depending on the search, you can narrow down by Brand, Category, and specifications such as color, dimensions, flow rates, and usage. 


2) Additionally, you can search within your results.  Type relevant keywords in the “Search within” box above the category filters on the left hand side of the page. 


How else can I locate products? 

Navigate the categories!  All Hirsch products are categorized so that you can drill down to a selection of products serving a similar function. 

To do this, in the navigation, click on “Products” and choose one of the popular categories or you can select “View All Categories” to see the entire selection with photo descriptions. 



How do I access My Account? 

1) In the top right corner of every page, you can login to your account.  2) Once logged in, click “My Account” to see all tools and resources, including viewing open orders, paying invoices, credit limits, saved carts, shopping lists, trip rewards and more. 


Can I view my pending orders?  

Yes.  Once logged into your account, click on “Open Orders” to view your most recently placed orders. 


How do I view the status of my Open Orders? 


Under “Open Orders”, find the order and click “View Order”.  This will show the details of your pending order, with the option to easily “Re-order”. 


Where can I access my previous orders? 

In My Account Dashboard, click on “Order History” to see all invoiced orders. View the details of your invoiced orders by clicking on “View Order”. 


How can I view my accounting information like credit limits and open balances with Hirsch? 

In My Account dashboard, click on “Account Inquiry” to view all accounting details related to your Hirsch account, as well as most recent purchase amounts, dates and totals for the month and year. In the same "Account Inquiry” section, scroll down to see your “Open Invoices”.   


Can I pay invoices online? 

Absolutely! You can select the “View/Pay Invoices” tab located in your Account Dashboard in your Quick Tools to be directed to a complete list of invoices and make payments on your account online. If you’re interested in switching completely to online billing you can email us at [email protected] to receive statements and updates via email.  


SHOPPING LISTS & SAVED CARTS has two great options to save specific products for easy re-ordering or ordering at a later time: 


Shopping Lists:  Shopping lists are sets of products that you can easily add to the shopping cart to check out with time and time again.  They can be useful for specific jobs or items that you re-order frequently. To build a shopping list, navigate to a product page and click on “+ My Shopping Lists” under the Add to Cart button.  Then, enter the name of your list.  Once an item is added to your list, it is now available for more product additions. 


To access shopping lists, navigate to My Account Dashboard, and click “My Shopping Lists” under the Quick Tools section. 


Saved Carts: Saved carts are a helpful tool to be able to check to be able to see the full cost of a cart, or if it needs to be approved first before moving forward with the purchase. Multiple carts can be saved at a time based on different jobs or a different variety of products. The cart will be saved until you are ready to move forward. Once a cart is checked out it becomes a completed order that can also be easily chosen to re-order as needed. 


To access shopping lists, navigate to My Account Dashboard, and click “My Saved Cards” under the Quick Tools section. 



How do I check out? 

After adding items to your cart, or wishing to move forward to checking out with a saved shopping list or cart, you can click on the cart icon and select the “Check Out” button to move forward with the check-out process.  


What pick-up and delivery options does Hirsch offer from online orders? 

You can obtain your products using Will Call or several delivery options: 


Will Call: During the checkout process, you will get an option to select “Will Call” pick up M-S within 1 hour after the nearest half-hour.   Will Call pickup will default to your home branch, but you are welcome to update it to other Hirsch locations.  Keep in mind, however, that stock availability is different at each branch if you’re ordering outside of your home branch. 


Delivery: We offer several delivery options including job site delivery within 3 hours of the nearest half-hour after ordering.  There is also an option to choose your delivery time! 


If delivery is less urgent, you can choose from one of the other following delivery options: Fedex Ground, Fedex 2 Day, Fedex Express Saver, Priority Overnight, Standard Overnight, and Ground Home Delivery. 


Can I pay with credit card? 

At this time we do not allow credit card check out through the website. You can either pay through your credit terms or pay with a credit card or cash when you receive your order from the branch. 


Can I create job estimates for my plumbing company's customers?  

You sure can! When logged in, you can access the Estimator under the "My Account" drop down or by visiting your Account Dashboard. From there you can simply create an estimate name and add all relevant products to that estimate. Once created you can add in specific mark ups that get passed along to the customer as well as add in labor costs. You can include your customer's information that gets added to the job quote and can be emailed directly to them. Watch our helpful tutorial video below:




How do I stay on top of the latest Hirsch promotions?  

Visit the page to see the latest promotions including sporting events, travel and entertainment.  In the details of each promotion, you will see the qualifying criteria and promotion period. 

Where can I find the latest Hirsch news? 

You can find all current Hirsch communications at our blog at  




Is there a mobile app? 

Yes. You can download the mobile app for Apple Devices (IOS) here, and for Android Devices here.  Or, simply search “Hirsch Pipe” in the App Store or Google Play. The mobile app will allow you to shop pricing and inventory, place orders, find the nearest location, view the latest promotions and access all your account details.  


Are there any different features with the app I should be aware of? 

Absolutely!  The mobile app is a wonderful companion to help save you time.  Two of these time saving features include: 


Submit a Photo: Don't have the details of a specific item?  Snap a picture and send it to our Internal Sales Team.  We’ll do our best to identify the item to help you complete the job. 

Scanning Function: The mobile app will allow you to scan barcodes, provided by your friends at Hirsch, to quickly locate product on  It’s a great tool for the inventory in your truck(s) or warehouse(s).  To obtain a list of barcodes, please contact [email protected]





My company uses our own product codes.  Can I apply these to 

Yes! supports Customer Part Numbers (CPN).  To add them, navigate to a product page and click “Add / Remove CPN” below the Add to Cart button. Once you apply a CPN, you can then find it in search results.  Just search the CPN you entered. If you have a large amount of CPNs you’d like to add to the website, reach out to us at [email protected]  


My organization is large with multiple team members.  Can I add additional users to my account? 

Yes.  There can be multiple users within the same company with profiles on, simply have your employees create an account under your primary Hirsch account number with their unique email addresses as the login.  They will all be under the same parent company. 

Can I limit what members in my organization can do on    

Yes, there are multiple user roles (aka permissions) within your Hirsch account which can be set up by emailing [email protected].  They include: 


       Super Usersability for add and remove users and place orders. 


       Authorized Purchasing Agenthas permissions to place orders or approve a General Users shopping cart purchase. 


       General Usercan browser the site to see pricing and build carts which must be approved by the Authorized Purchasing Agent. 


Can I request special pricing on products? 

Yes, you can login to your account and submit a request for a quote on specific products.  To go this, go to My Account Dashboard > Request for Quote. Enter the details of the items and then click “Submit Quote Request”. A member from our Inside Sales Team will be in touch with you to review the quote and get you the best price possible. 


Do you have an estimator function where I can create an estimate for my client with list prices? 

Stay tuned!  This feature will be launched in the Winter of 2020. 


How can I toggle between my different job accounts? 

Stay tuned!  This feature will be launched in the Summer of 2020. If you have current questions about how to manage and access your accounts, please reach out to [email protected]