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In Loving Memory of Danny Mariscal

Posted on 03/01/2022 at 05:12AM in 2022 Q1 Newsletter

In Loving Memory of Danny Mariscal

Danny Mariscal, Chairman Emeritus of Hirsch Pipe & Supply Co. located in Southern California passed away at the age of 83 on February 8, 2022.  His fifty-seven-year commitment to Hirsch, our employees and our customers will be sadly missed, but never forgotten. 

Bill Glockner, President & CEO of Hirsch Pipe & Supply stated, “Danny Mariscal took over from Joe Hirsch and enhanced Hirsch’s reputation for deep inventories and excellent service.  More importantly, he developed a special culture and inspired the Hirsch Values which he modeled for the Hirsch family.  Danny always treated everyone with respect, kindness, and grace.  He brightened the day of everyone he touched.  We are forever grateful for how he made everyone’s lives better.”

In Loving Memory of Danny Mariscal

CEO Bill Glockner and Danny Mariscal

Danny started working at Hirsch as a bookkeeper in 1965 under the direction of Joe Hirsch.  He quickly saw all sides of Hirsch, from completing odd jobs around the warehouse to assisting with sales at the counter. Through this experience, Danny fell in love with the organization, leading him to rise the ranks to become office manager. What Danny fell in love with at Hirsch was their unwavering dedication to people and service; but where he saw opportunity was improving efficiency. His career became one dedicated to improving operations and processes at Hirsch and continuous improvement remains a core value at Hirsch today.

In 1979, after seeing the vision and dedication that Danny had for Hirsch, Joe Hirsch turned over the reins to Danny.  Once Danny took over the business, his vision led to expanding the business including adding more locations, adding new billing and payroll technology, and implementing computer systems to manage inventory.  Danny’s legacy of Hirsch’s service-first approach, while improving the efficiencies to support scalable growth were instrumental in the growth of Hirsch. 

Once he felt confident with the infrastructure he’d brought to the business, Danny refocused his energy to where it all started: sales.  His insight and knack for innovation lead him to the promise Hirsch lives by to this day: Hirsch Has It. It was a promise that packed a lot of guarantees: that inventory would be in stock, that your product would be delivered when you needed it, and that you’d be able to complete your job and be successful.

Left to right: VP of Branch Operations Jiro Akasaka, Danny Mariscal, CEO Bill Glockner

Left to right: VP of Branch Operations Jiro Akasaka, Danny Mariscal, CEO Bill Glockner

Jiro Akasaka, VP of Branch Operations and 45 Year employee of Hirsch states, “I was lucky enough to be hired by Danny back in October of 1976.  Danny taught and mentored me on how we should treat our customers and employees.  He also taught me everything about our business.  Danny always treated everyone with kindness and respect and made everyone feel good after talking with him. I cannot thank Danny enough for all the support he provided me throughout the years and I can honestly say that I would not have made it without him .Thanks Danny!!You are the father of the Hirsch Culture and will be truly missed.”

As the 1990’s approached, Danny began to think about finding a successor who could not only carry on the legacy that they had built, but continually modernize, improve, and grow the company. As legend has it, one day Danny was at a birthday party in 1991 with his daughter and her family, and got to talking with his son-in-law, Bill Glockner. Bill had just graduated from business school and was finding himself frustrated in his computer consulting role. With constant travel and a demanding schedule that didn’t leave much time for family, Bill was looking to change things up. So over some cake and candid conversation, Danny and Bill struck up a deal that would become famously inked on a party napkin: Bill would join Hirsch effective immediately as Danny’s successor. 

Danny’s legacy will forever be remembered by everyone who had the pleasure of knowing him and working with him.  He will always be known for the innovation he brought to the business and his unwavering support of all of the people he worked with.  Since Danny’s passing, we have received an outpouring of support and memories.  Should you wish to share your memories or condolences, please email Bill Glockner’s office at [email protected]


Danny Was Simply A Great Guy Fun To Spend Time With Had Many Great Talks About The plumbing Industry And how The Business Was Always Evolving - Had A wonderful Time Taking Danny Up For A Flight At Van Nuys Airport 10 Years Ago In A WW2 Fighter Plane And Danny Commented After The Flight “ I Wonder If We Can Make Faster Deliveries In One If These Planes “ ! Lol ¿ He Was Allways Looking To Expand The Hirsch Business To New Levels And Heights ! Will Greatly Miss The Inspirational Chats …. Soar High My Friend !!! …..

Posted by Jim Alexander / LA Drain Medic Inc. on March 03, 2022 at 04:59 PM UTC #

Even know i never met danny his story is very impressive how hirsch pipe when from the original old van nuys location to what is now i started going there in 1977 and have been turning to hirsch pipe more and more for the last 5 years as the big warehouses became bigger and bigger it seems that hirsch pipe was really able to stand this hit we just went thru with the pandemic thank you danny for laying out the plans that help all of the plumbers out there we all played a big role in keeping our customers healthy and safe from all of us at oscars plumbing and rooter our sincere condolences to dannys family and the entire hirsch family sincerely oscar spensieri

Posted by oscar spensieri on March 03, 2022 at 10:09 PM UTC #

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