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Product Must Haves: March 2021

Posted on 03/02/2021 at 11:13PM in Winter 2021: Industry Newsletter


Rinnai Demand Duo commercial water heaters install and function just like a conventional water heater with MAJOR bonuses! Water heating takes place outside of the tank which allows for increased temperature stability as seen through:

-Reduced thermal stress on the tank

-Easily replaced components

-More hot water capacity 

-Consistent hot water temperature

In addition to the benefits created through this new commercial technology, the DemandDuo units offer over 2X the Warranty of the average commercial water heater (8-year or 12,000 operation hours; 6-year tank; parts: 4-year). Units also come preassembled parts including electrical pigtail and gasflex for a total of $250 estimate savings from these factory installed components. Whether you're looking for the non-condensing 119 Gallon with the 6" B-vent or condensing 119 gallon with 2"PVC and 3" PVC - Hirsch has it!

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Founded in the family basement in 1939, Zoeller Pump Company is one of the oldest family-owned water pump manufacturers in North America. Over the past seven decades, Zoeller Pump Company has established itself as a dependable leader in the wastewater industry. Here are some featured Zoeller heat pumps that may come in handy on your next job!

Zoeller M53 Mighty-Mate Automatic Cast Iron Effluent Pump

This pump is designed for use in residential or light commercial dewatering applications and can be used to transfer groundwater or effluent. 

The M53 models include a powder coated epoxy finish to prevent corrosion and are designed to provide great heat dissipation from the motor, ensuring a long service life. As with every Zoeller pump, each one is 100% pressure-tested, submerged and run to ensure quality and reliability for years of trouble-free performance.

This model includes a float-operated, 2-pole mechanical switch, a stainless steel float guard and switch arm, and a solid, buoyant polypropylene float, which prevents water from filling the float and causing a malfunction. It includes a stainless steel handle for easy installation and removal. This pump is hermetically sealed to be watertight, dust-tight, and completely submersible.  For unusual conditions a reserve safety factor is engineered into the design of every Zoeller pump.



This series of utility pumps is designed for use in dewatering applications and can be used to transfer groundwater. They are extremely useful for transferring unwanted water away from building foundations, basements, and work areas. Each pump is built using non-corrodible materials, ensuring a long service life. Because they are both durable and lightweight, these pumps can be easily transported from one location or project to another. Features below:

-Use Fully or Partially Submerged

-Durable Polypropylene Housing

-High Quality Sealed Motor

-Thermal Overload Protected Motor

-For use with Standard Garden Hose (fitting included), 1" NPT Pipe or 1-1/4" Slip Fit (use discharge hose kit P/N 1010-0117)

-Screened Bottom may be Removed to Allow Easy Cleaning

-Typical Applications: Dewatering and Filling

-Removes Water from any Flat Surface Down to 1/8"

-Compact Design: will fit in a 7" Opening

-Temperature Rating 104° F (40° C)



Zoeller's Model M267 Waste-Mate Cast Iron Submersible Sewage/Effluent Pump features an engineered, non-clogging, plastic vortex impeller with metal inserts. The pump's switch case, pump housing, and base are made of ASTM Class 25 cast iron. This pump is not effected by materials normally found in drainage and sewage pumps. It features an oil filled, hermetically sealed motor and oil lubricated bearings. The motor features automatic reset thermal overload protection. The Waste-Mate has a corrosion resistant powder coated epoxy finish. The pump also includes a watertight neoprene square ring and gasket. The M267 comes with a float operated, submersible (NEMA 6) 2-pole mechanical switch. The pumps screws, bolts, handle, guard, arm, and seal assembly are all made of stainless steel. The pump also features a carbon and ceramic shaft seal. It has a 2-Inch female and a 3-Inch NPT male discharge. The M267 is watertight and dust tight.



The "Mighty Mover" is a portable, non-submersible utility pump designed for use in residential or light commercial dewatering applications and can be used to transfer unwanted water away from waterbeds, washing machines and water heaters or to add antifreeze to radiant heating lines. Each pump is built using non-corrodible materials, ensuring a long service life. Because they are both durable and lightweight, these pumps can be transported from one location or project to another very easily. The pump is self priming at 7 feet (2.1 meters) or less above the liquid source and can be used to lift water from 15 feet (5 meters) below the pump's location. With garden hose connections for the inlet and outlet, setup is simple. Each pump comes with an extra impeller, a gasket and one 6 feet (2 m) hose with a strainer.


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