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Did You Know: Location, Location, Location

Posted on 06/20/2019 at 08:27PM in Summer 2019: Industry Newsletter

Hirsch's 23 Convenient Locations Help Get The Job Done

Your Neighborhood Plumbing Supplier

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We strive to always be there for you, and with 23 convenient Hirsch locations throughout Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego County, we really are. You don’t only work in one place, so we don’t only have parts in one place. Wherever you’re working, there’s a handy Hirsch location right around the corner — each with a huge selection. With Hirsch, you can plan your day around your jobs instead of around your drives.  

Check out our locations page for a complete list of our locations. You can also download our mobile app to find the nearest Hirsch store no matter where you may find yourself!  

GPS Tracking Can Benefit Both Your Business and Customers

Keeping tabs on your service vans and trucks can help improve customer satisfaction and keep technicians safe on the road


There’s no way around it: Running a business in the plumbing industry means a lot of time on the road. You and your personnel drive to and from jobs all day. On any one day, you may have several plumbers out at the same time, and keeping track of everyone’s location and projects can be tough. That’s where a global positioning system comes in. Designed to seamlessly and conveniently track your vehicles’ locations and travel times, a GPS gives you real-time information on where your plumbers are and when. Consider some of the top benefits that come from GPS tracking for plumbing companies like yours:


How many times have you had to take half a day off work to wait for the cable repairman? Did it make you feel excited about working with that company again in the future? Probably not. 

Three- to four-hour arrival windows are simply not a great way to make people happy. No one wants to be waiting for a delivery or service call for hours on end. Yet, you know how work in the field goes, and sometimes you can’t give customers an exact time that your technician or representative will be at their location. GPS fleet tracking gives you the ability to provide your customer with real-time information about your arrival time. If you know that your driver will be an hour late because of a hang-up at a stop, you can give this information to the customer, and he or she can fill that time productively.

By being proactive in providing customers with delivery or service call arrival information, you give your customers a better overall experience. When they need what you offer again in the future, they will remember your company positively.


In addition to giving more accurate, up-to-date arrival times, you will be able to get your workers to your customers more quickly when you have GPS tracking capabilities. When a customer has an emergency and calls you for service, you can look in your tracking program and find the closest employee. Then, you can contact employees to see how long they will be at their current job and send them in a timely manner. If the closest technician won’t be available for a while, you can use the system to find the next closest and send him or her instead.

Once the technician is on the road, use the fleet tracking system’s routing services to send him or her on the best possible path to the customer’s location. Depending on traffic and other delays, this may not be the most direct route. With fleet tracking, you can avoid delays and have a faster arrival time to your customer who is facing an emergency.


When you have fleet tracking technology installed on your company vehicles, you will know where your vehicles are at all times. This means that you will have a way to verify the number of hours your employee was at the customer’s location.

If your customer has a question about the amount of time billed, you will have an accurate record you can turn to that shows how long your technician or employee was on site. This, then, eliminates the temptation for employees to pad the bill for time they were not at the location. Accurate billing backed by proof will increase your customers’ overall satisfaction with your service.


Fleet tracking has been proven repeatedly to lower costs for the fleets that use it well. This does not directly affect your customers, but it can if you choose to pass those savings on to your customers. If you can effectively lower your overhead and then lower your prices without reducing your income, you will find that your customers are happier with the services they receive from you. After all, everyone wants to save a little money, right?


If your company is driving marked vehicles and your drivers are using unsafe driving practices, your reputation in the community is suffering. However, once your drivers leave the office or garage, you have little control over their behaviors. Fleet tracking gives you the tools to track driver behavior, so you can put a stop to unsafe driving practices. Improving your company’s reputation will help make your customer service more effective because your customers will have a positive idea about your company in mind before you even arrive. 

Exceeding customers’ expectations with every visit is one of the most effective ways to grow your business. Fleet tracking technology is one tool you can use to do this well.

Source:  https://www.plumbermag.com/how-to-articles/customer-truck-track-gps/gps-tracking-can-benefit-both-your-business-and-customers

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