Customer Spotlight: A Weekend Plumber

Posted on 06/14/2021 at 06:03PM in Spring 2021: Industry Newsletter

This quarter we're happy to shine a spotlight on one of our incredible San Diego customers: Ben Lunt from A Weekend Plumber. Ben gave us the low down on his experience, the industry and where he sees the future of plumbing heading! We hope you enjoy reading his responses as much as we enjoyed hearing them!

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Price Increase & Product Shortage Resource Guide

Posted on 06/14/2021 at 06:02PM in Spring 2021: Industry Newsletter

Why Are There Product Shortages & Price Increases?

· Due to the uncertainty of Covid and other related issues, manufacturers under forecasted sales thinking sales would drop and they did not.

· Due to uncertainty in the market, there was a lot of panic buying. Due to the increase in demand, this caused manufacturers to get backlogged with production.

· Manufacturers prioritized production of A & B items, while in some cases, C and D products were not placed in production causing further delays on certain products.

· Due to fulfillment issues, some manufacturers canceled backorders without notification causing further delays.

· Due to the increased cost of fuel and raw materials, this is having a direct impact on the cost of products.

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NEW Estimator Tool

Posted on 06/14/2021 at 06:02PM in Spring 2021: Industry Newsletter

Great news! Our Estimator Tool is NOW LIVE! This function is a helpful tool for putting together bids or estimates for your plumbing customers. This seamless tool helps you out from building out your bid to sending for customer approval to an easy order check out - all in one place on!

The Estimator tool allows you to:

-Create estimate with your customer's name and contact information

-Add all relevant products across the website to your estimate

-Include your mark up cost

-Add in additional labor costs

-Send estimate directly to your customer or download a PDF to print or send

-Add your estimate to the cart for easy check out on


Check out this helpful tutorial video for more information:

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Product Must Haves: June 2021

Posted on 06/14/2021 at 06:01PM in Spring 2021: Industry Newsletter


We're shining a spotlight on the American Standard GN  - Ultra Low NOx Gas Water Heater! Check out some features below: 

VAPORSHIELD TECHNOLOGY – Shuts off gas and air supply to heater to prevent prolonged vapor burn in combustion chamber should accidental or unattended ignition of flammable vapors occur outside the water heater.

SPARK IGNITER – Affords push button pilot lighting in lieu of matches.

MAINTENANCE FREE – No periodic cleaning of combustion air inlet necessary under normal conditions.

STANDARD THERMOCOUPLE – Design provides for use of either factory supplied thermocouple or standard replacement thermocouple.

SELF-CLEANING – Turbulence inducing cold water inlet-tube engineered to diminish hard water area sediment deposits.

NON-CFC FOAM INSULATED – Saves energy and reduces fuel costs by maximizing heat retention.

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