A Note from Nikki

Posted on 06/20/2019 at 08:28PM in June 2019: Industry Newsletter

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Branch Spotlight: Los Angeles

Posted on 06/20/2019 at 08:28PM in June 2019: Industry Newsletter


In the winter of 1933, a man left his career in finance on a hunch. Joe Hirsch had little more than a dream, some modest savings and a gut feeling. But when he spotted an abandoned plumbing supply business in Los Angeles, he knew it would be the first home for Southern California’s plumbing partner, Hirsch Pipe & Supply. Today, with 23 locations from Los Angeles to San Diego, that commitment and focus on servicing our customer is stronger than ever. We spoke with LA Branch Manager, Frank Carrillo, and longtime employee and regional manager, Jiro Akasaka to get their insight on the original branch and how its changed over time. 


Frank Carrillo has been the Branch Manager of the Los Angeles branch for 11 years since transferring from our Long Beach location in 2008. Although the industry and its products may have evolved over the years, Frank still sees the Hirsch L.A. pride and tradition that lives on through its tenured employees and a few hometown favorite customers now in their nineties! When asked about the best part of working for Hirsch, Frank notes “the strong sense of knowing that many great people went through this location. From Joe Hirsch to present. So many names of people who helped shape what Hirsch is today.” 


Jiro Akasaka currently works as the Director of Branch Operations and Regional Manager for Hirsch Pipe & Supply Branches. However, he got his start on October 4, 1976 as a driver! Jiro worked his way up to warehouse, counter/phone sales, and pricing before being promoted to Branch Manager of the Hollywood Location. Throughout his time with Hirsch, Jiro has seen huge process changes over the years such as: COMPUTERS! Everything was done manually when he started. Invoices had to be printed out manually from price books and inventory was purchased based on experience and visually looking at inventory levels in the bins. The customer has changed too, he notes, as the evolution of technology has sped up how quickly business moves. Another huge difference is how many more products are available, Jiro recalls that “Before there were standard product customers used but now there are so many more choices in every application.” Even with all these changes, one thing has remained consistent, and that is Hirsch is still a great place to work! As Jiro can attest to, “We provide opportunity – we want our employees to be successful.  We are employee oriented, meaning we care about our employees.”

A huge thank you to the hardworking team and customers at our Los Angeles branch today and throughout the years. Through this branch and all those since, the Hirsch legacy continues to live on and grow.  #HirschHasIt

Did You Know: Location, Location, Location

Posted on 06/20/2019 at 08:27PM in June 2019: Industry Newsletter

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Product Must Haves: June 2019

Posted on 06/19/2019 at 08:34PM in June 2019: Industry Newsletter

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Hirsch Pipe & Supply Launches Digital Branch

Posted on 05/21/2019 at 12:00AM in General



Contact: Nikki Nixon, Director of Marketing

Hirsch Pipe & Supply Co.

Phone: 818-756-0900 ext. 99618


Hirsch Pipe & Supply Launches & Mobile App

San Juan Capistrano, CA – May 21, 2019 – Hirsch is pleased to announce the launch of the new and corresponding Mobile App. As the plumbing industry continues to embrace the digital world, how customers do business is changing.  To help meet the changing needs of our customers, Hirsch has now created a single, integrated website where our customers have a fast and convenient way to order the products they need, access product information, get the latest information about Hirsch’s promotions and much more. and its complimentary mobile app allow our customers to order online if they prefer to, and is always available when they want to look up a price or place an order – 24 hours per day/365 days per year.  Whether it be from the comfort of their home, place of business or on the road heading to service their next customer, is always available to our customers.  

“At Hirsch, our relentless focus is to help make our customers more successful, and the new website enhances their ability to run their business in the way they most prefer, whether it’s in dealing with Hirsch in person, by phone, and now more than ever, online.  We want to create an online experience that saves our customers time and makes our customers’ lives less stressful,” stated Bill Glockner, CEO of Hirsch Pipe & Supply.  “With the enhancements of our new website and Mobile app, customers now can satisfy their product and information needs 24/7 so that they can run their business the way they want, when they want.”

By partnering with Affiliated Distributors (AD) and utilizing their in-depth product catalog, Hirsch’s website and mobile app allow customers to search, view, compare and order over 35K products, download, view and print product spec sheets. Additionally, submitting an order has never been easier with the ability to create shopping lists, quick re-order and check out features. Customers can also live chat with an online rep, request a quote for pricing and convert that quote online at their convenience, view trip reward points and so much more right at their fingertips.  

Our new Mobile app scanning feature is a big enhancement for our customers. E-Commerce Operations Manager Brian Whitehead states, “Our customers love our new mobile scanner. They can scan manufacturer UPCs to view pricing, inventory and rich product information in a snap!  When Brian tested the scanning technology with one of our valued customers, they stated, “Having this scanning technology will make ordering so much faster for me to do business.  I’m excited that Hirsch is now offering this.” is an exciting new channel for customers and partners to use. Visit or download our Mobile app (available on both the App Store and Google Play) to register and get started with Hirsch online! No matter the avenue, Hirsch Has It!


Hirsch Pipe & Supply was founded in 1933 on the principle that superior service makes the difference. We know you can get parts from a lot of places, so we strive to make sure that getting your parts from one source — Hirsch — is always the best choice. Along with making sure we have an amazing selection of parts in stock, we back up the selection with service. You can count on the fast help you need to get back on the job, same-day deliveries, mobile ordering and more.

Our founding commitment to quality service is still at our core today. Part of that service is convenience. Whether you’re in greater Los Angeles, Orange County or San Diego County, there’s a Hirsch location nearby. For more information visit our website at

Hirsch has it.###

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A Message From Bill

Posted on 04/09/2019 at 06:45PM in Industry Newsletter

Hirsch friends and family, we are so excited to introduce you to this new year along with our industry newsletter. With the updated feel and functionality of our website along with the information we will be sharing in this newsletter, these are just more ways that we want to provide value to you as our customers. You work hard and we want to do what we can to support you in everything that you do. With the ever changing world we live in, it's so important to stay on the pulse of what is happening in order to keep your business running smoothly and successfully - and we want to do our part.

Bill Glockner
President & CEO
Hirsch Pipe & Supply

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Community Spotlight: Living Waters & Fishing For Life

Posted on 04/08/2019 at 06:49PM in Industry Newsletter



Hirsch proudly supports Living Waters for the World, an incredible organization that trains volunteers to establish and lead water mission teams that partner with communities to implement and operate sustainable water purification systems and health education programs around the world. Together we can help train, equip and support volunteers in forming global, clean-water mission partnerships by donating to this incredible organization. Visit for more information.



Hirsch proudly supports Fish for Life, a non-profit that takes children with special needs ocean fishing……in grand style! There are 100 people aboard each voyage that includes 30 special needs children with a variety of conditions, 30 chaperones and 40 volunteers. We fish just south of Laguna Beach about a mile offshore. There are several ways they entertain guests during the voyage including the surprise visit of two real live Mermaids! On the way back to the dock, Fishing Team Leaders present a trophy to the kids on their teams. Fish for Life has been taking special needs kids fishing for 10 years and have served over 1000 children and their families. Parents who have a special needs child want nothing more than for their kids to enjoy normal activities. Fish for Life teaches them how to fish! If you have a loved one, a family member or friend with special needs, go to to learn more and get on the standby list for a trip of a lifetime!

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Customer Spotlight: Classic Plumbing

Posted on 04/08/2019 at 03:46PM in Industry Newsletter

There's nothing more important to Hirsch than our customers. That's why we've decided to feature one of our awesome customers each quarter to share their insight on their business and the industry. We're a community, so let's continue to learn and grow from eachother shall we?


What’s your name and the name of your Business? Casey Merrell and my business is Classic Plumbing.

How long have you been a plumber? I’ve been a plumber for 16 years.

What major changes have you seen in the industry throughout your career? EPA laws have been some of the major changes I’ve seen in the industry. Also qualified applicants are depleting since I started, I can’t find any new plumbers.

What was your craziest plumbing job? 8 story high rise drain replacement at Fullerton college, we changed all of the drains in their building.

Where’s your local Hirsch Branch and who’s your go-to guy there? Santa Fe Springs is my local branch… Juan and Marco are my go-to guys.

Favorite part about working with Hirsch? The camaraderie. Everyone seems to know my name everywhere I go and it’s great to be able recognize other plumbers from the Hirsch events. I don’t get that at any other supply house, which is why we don’t go there.

Where do you see the future of the industry heading? Drain cleaning due to low flow faucets and fixtures will be a bigger issue because we’re using less water.

Special thanks to Casey from Classic Plumbing for taking the time to share with us. If you're interested in being featured next, please email us at 

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Product Must Haves: April 2019

Posted on 02/01/2019 at 11:36PM in Industry Newsletter

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