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Armstrong 110223B-145MW Astro 2 225SSU Recirculation Pump

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  • HPS Quick Code: 825811
  • MPN: ARM110223B-145MW
  • Manufacturer: Armstrong
  • Brand Name: Armstrong
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110223B-145MW Armstrong Astro 2 225SSU Recirculation Pump The Armstrong Astro 2 hot water re-circulation system automatically circulates water through domestic water pipes. This ensures that hot water is available instantly at every tap throughout a residence. From a cost and environmental point of view, far less water is wasted each time a hot water faucet is opened – saving an average of 12,000 gallons of water annually for a typical four-person household. Ideal for retrofit applications. Materials : Lead-free bronze or stainless steel (pump casing), ceramic (pump shaft and bearings), PEI (impeller), EPDM (bearing seals) Performance range : Longest pipe run between hot water tank and farthest fixture: 250 ft (76 m) Aquastat maintains hot water temperature within a 20°F (11°C) range between 85°F (29°C) and 105°F (40°C) Temperature : Max water temp 230°F (110°C) Astro 2 hot water recirculation reaps an average annual water savings of 12,000 gallons (based on a family of four spending over 90 hours per year waiting for hot water to arrive at the tap)