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Haws® HWS5703M | Hirsch Pipe & Supply

Haws 5703M Bubbler Head - Chrome

5703M Haws Bubbler Head - Chrome Model 5703M solid brass bubbler head is designed with a shielded bubbler incorporating an anti-squirt angled drinking stream. Combining the solid forged brass with a polished chrome-plated finish, this bubbler is sure to last. Unit comes further equipped with lock nut and washers to be used when mounting.100% lead-free waterwaysAngled stream discourages direct mouth contact making the drinking area much more sanitaryDimensions: Height is 3" (7.6 cm). Connection is a 3/8" compression inletHaws manufactures drinking fountains and electric water coolers to be lead-free by all known definitions including NSF/ANSI Standard 61, Section 9, California Proposition 65, and the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act. Product is compliant to California Health and Safety Code 116875 (AB 1953-2006)