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Plumberex Trap Gear™ 307W Soft ADA Under Lavatory/Sink Insulator Protector Kit, PVC, Domestic

Plumberex Trap Gear™ - The sanitary solution for common exposed pipes underneath sink areas in commercial or residential buildings. The easiest and fastest pipe covers to install, made of superior material with a slim and sleek fit design allowing for a highly flexible installation, and cut to fit length size capability. Pipe covers protect patrons and users with limited mobility against burns, cuts, abrasions, and to avoid direct contact with piping as required by the "Americans with Disabilities Act" (ADA), a Federally Mandated and Enforced Law. Complies with all Accessibility Building Code, Fire and Safety Code requirements, meets UPC/IAPMO product standard. Smooth high gloss White color surface to match fixtures, made of a non-absorbent material for easy cleaning. Constructed out of a soft durable, non-laminated flexible 1/8 in. thick PVC material, with UV inhibited, antimicrobial and antifungal properties. The design includes a weep-hole drainage area for sanitary condensation and ventilation. Valve and water supply riser covers are highly flexible allowing a continuous combined covering of all valve/water supply piping. Product features a dual fastening proprietary fusion bonded hook and loop fastener system achieving a complete full slit enclosure. Designed for long term usage the dual fastening system includes optional high quality tamper resistant non-abrasive, press and lock "Snap Fasteners" for proper removable and reusable facilities maintenance.

Plumberex Trap Gear™ ADA Under Lavatory/Sink Insulator Protector Kit, Soft, For Use With: P-Trap, PVC, White, Domestic

Color      :      White
Domestic/Import      :      Domestic
Material      :      PVC
Suitable For Use With      :      P-Trap
Type      :      Soft
  • Sleek fits 1-1/4 in to 1-1/2 in dia of any P-trap configuration, including SCH 40 trap, type with or without swivel nut
  • Quality construction with fusion bonded hook and loop fasteners, including optional tamper resistant press and lock "snap fasteners" that removable and reusable
  • Preferred product for ease of maintenance, easy to install, highly flexible material, universal fit
  • Soft durable, non-laminated flexible 1/8 in thick PVC material with UV inhibited, antimicrobial, and antifungal properties
  • Sanitary solution for common exposed pipes underneath sink areas in commercial or residential buildings
  • Meets ASTM E 84-07 25 flame/450 smoke "Class A material"
  • New fusion molded technology
  • Velcro fastened 100% PVC
  • pdfSpecification Sheet