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PPP P-1 & P-2 Series Trap Primer Valve

PPP P-1 & P-2 Series Trap Primer Valve
  • The Model P-1 & P-2 Trap Primer Valve is a precision device designed to deliver potable water to seldom used floor drains.
  • A pressure drop of 10 P.S.I.G. (70 Kpa) is required to activate the priming valve.
  • The Trap Primer must be installed on cold fresh water lines of 1 1/2" diameter or less.
  • The valves operating range is 20 to 80 PSIG (138 to 552 kpa).
  • Adjustable to line pressure
  • Piston operated, contains no springs or diaphragms
  • Easily adjusted to high or low pressures