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NUVO H2o NCHP-42516 Complete Replacement Filter and Cartridge 50,000 Gallon

NCHP-42516 NUVO H2o Complete Replacement Filter and Cartridge 50,000 Gallon
Complete System replacement filter and softener cartridge. This dual system provides the homeowner with a whole home carbon filter for better tasting/smelling water, and a water softener cartridge to protect your home from the effects of hard water.
  • Easy installation- our cartridges can be replaced by simply unscrewing the canisters from the head, and replacing the old cartridge with the new one
  • No slimy feel- because the complete system doesn't remove the minerals in the water, your water will not have that slimy, can't wash off the soap feeling
  • Eco friendly- no wasted water, no electricity, and no drain needed for this system
  • Effective- the complete system is effective at removing contaminants in the water for better tasting/better smelling water, as well as removing existing/stopping scale found in your pipes, appliances, etc.