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NUVO H2o DPNCB Complete Salt-Free Water Softener System 50,000 Gallon

DPNCB NUVO H2o Complete Salt-Free Water Softener System 50,000 Gallon The Nuvo H2O Complete Water Softener System is an innovative and environmentally friendly water softener that uses citrus to provide a salt-free softening solution for hard water. Nuvo H2O uses the process of Chelation to bind to the minerals in your water, making them soluble so they wash away freely from your body, hair, dishes, fixtures, appliances and plumbing. Nuvo H2O FDA approved, food-grade ingredients are safe and healthy for your plants, lawn, pets and you. This combination system provides you with cleaner, better tasting water, as well as the softening benefits from our softener system.Easy installation- no drain, no electricity needed, simply install the unit to the main line as it enters your home, prior to the water heaterEffective- stops scale from forming onto your fixtures, appliances, and pipes, will also remove existing scale from your appliance, fixtures and pipesCompact design- our system is small enough to be placed in any basement, garage or closet where the main line comes into the homeEco-friendly- no salt, no wasted water, no electricity, no drain neededEasy maintenance- because our system is a cartridge based system, all a home owner does every 6 months is replace the cartridgeNo slick feeling- because our system doesn't replace minerals with sodium, you don't have the slick, can't wash off the soap feeling that you get from a salt system