Chronomite® ZCHRS30L220 | Hirsch Pipe & Supply

Chronomite S-30L 220-240v Instant-Flow SR Tankless Water Heater

S-30L 220-240v Chronomite Instant-Flow SR Tankless Water Heater
  • Unlimited Hot Water 98% Energy Efficient
  • Compact Size Easy to Install
  • Low Installation Cost Meets ADA Requirements Made in the USA
  • Product Listings UL, HUD, IAMPO
  • Virtually Eliminates Alkali Calcification No pressure & temperature relief valve needed (unless required by local code)
  • Temp Rise at 0.5 GPM 40°F Watts 3000 Volts 220-240 KW 3.0 Breaker 15 6-1/4x9-5/8x2-3/4
  • 25 PSI Minimum operating pressure
  • 150 PSI Maximum operating pressure
  • 140°F Maximum operating temapture Minimum operating flow rate 0.4 GPM