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American Water Heaters AACBCL3-100T199-6NOX | Hirsch Pipe & Supply

American Water Heaters AACBCL3-100T199-6NOX 100 Gallon Natural Gas Water Heater

AACBCL3-100T199-6NOX 100 Gallon American Water Heaters Natural Gas Water Heater
All Heavy-Duty Commercial Gas units have a glass coated internally-lined tank fired at 1600°F. This provides a tough interior surface for storage tanks and maximum protection against the wearing effects of high-volume and high-temperature water.
Ideal for most medium to heavy duty commercial applications requiring a motorized flue damper.
  • Motorized flue damper
  • Non-CFC Polyurethane Foam to prevent heat loss and reduce energy costs
  • Fused Ceramic Shield Tank for anti-corrosion protection
  • 24-Volt Thermostat Control
  • Electronic Thermister Sensor
  • Power cord
  • Factory-installed Temperature & Relief Valve.Multiple anode rod
  • 4" Diameter Hand Hole Cleanout
  • Tested and listed with CSA International in accordance with the latest addition of ANSI Z21.10.1 or .3 CSA 4.3 for up to 180°F, as an automatic storage heater. ASHRAE Standard 90.1 1989 addendum 90.1 b. California (CEC) and New York energy requirements met or exceeded. *ASME Models