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Magic Vent® 97400 | Hirsch Pipe & Supply

Magic Vent® 97400 Air Admittance Valve, Domestic

The Micro Size Magic Vent® AAV has a 1-1/2 in female threaded connection, however the valve is rated for 1 -1/4 to 2 in individual or branch vent pipes. When used in combination with the Magic Trap™ fitting, it is the quickest way to install a venting system. Magic Vent Micro is also available with ABS or PVC adapter for easy installation in a wall cavity.

Magic Vent® Air Admittance Valve, Domestic

Domestic/Import      :      Domestic
  • Eliminates roof penetrations
  • Great design flexibility
  • Save time and money
  • Performs the function of a DWV system vent stack, protecting the trap seal from siphonage without the need for additional piping to the outdoors
  • linkVideo Link http://ows.rectorseal.com/product-data/magic-vent-micro/magic_vent.wmv